About SAG


SAG was founded in mid of 2014, with a need to represent the issues of all Spinning entrepreneurs. SAG foremost goal is working towards the promotion and protection of the interests of the Spinning sector in and around Gujarat. In representing the spinning & textile industry, SAG takes up relevant issues with Union, State and Local Governments, so as to deliver the best to all its stakeholders - customers, workers, government, channel partners, investors, owners and all such relevant trade associates.


"SAG Vision is to promote the Spinning Industries, by assisting in Technology, Process, Parameters, Practises, Quality, Innovation and overall progress of Spinning sector in the state of Gujarat, representing their issues and interest at local, national and international level"


​"SAG mission is to promote the interest of Yarn & Textile Industry trade in Domestic & International market, and add value economically and socially, helping its members with the challenges from global and local competitors working upon newer strategies, mechanism, processes and best practises."


SAG is a non-profit organization and prime interest of Association is to attend the concern and problems of Gujarat Spinning Industry and to help them grow and organize this sector situated in and around Gujarat.

Today, SAG is driven by the following basic principles:

  • SAG will play pivotal role between the Government of India & Gujarat State and to the Industry at appropriate times advocating and recommendation of Policy formation, alteration suggesting new alternatives.
  • Betterment of the Spinning fraternity and evolve Spinning sectors to new heights in terms of Quality, Quantity, Best Practise, Welfare etc. in the state of Gujarat helping and solving their problems.
  • SAG is Concern for continuous upgrading of technology, manufacturing processes, best managerial practices and capacity building at all levels, including concern not only for the best quality of Yarn but also for life of the surrounding people in general and for its employees in particular.
  • Harmonious industrial relations, workers' welfare and training through consultative processes, leading to consensus in an atmosphere of mutual trust.
  • Cooperation with the trade and its partners in the channels of Yarn distributors, Agents, Weavers, Knitters, Merchant Exporters and End Users.
  • Good Corporate Social Responsibilities, with readiness to shoulder social responsibilities.
  • SAG Creates global image of GUJARAT SPINNING Industries, providing for professional growth of technologists, managers, traders, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers and consultants on the Indian textile sector.
  • SAG caters to the needs of all fibres, products and all sectors of the Indian industry.
  • SAG organizes Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Refresher Courses, Academics and Exhibitions of textiles and allied machines as well various consumables for the benefits of the members useful information on topics of current interest to different segments of the industry serving the Spinning & Textile industry.
  • Publication of a journal, News Letter of SAG is to be devoted to all areas of textiles for its members and subscribers.
  • SAG supports its members in opting to proceed the textile trade in Indian & International markets and help who would like to get global exposure and promote their business, products across the world.

SAG Voice of Gujarat in Textile Sector

SAG Representation on a number of government and public bodies would carry due consideration with the government in framing & materialising the policies, particularly for the spinning & textile industry in Gujarat and India.

​SAG is very proactive on its catering of useful services to its members & associates. The organised textile industry has to foresee many objectives & perspectives of its multi fold growth.

SAG is prime Association influencing Government Policy. Under the flagship of Designated Authorities, SAG's most important function is to voice the concerns of the textile sector and act as a pressure group to influence government policy. SAG makes representations before the concerned authorities, on behalf of its members, on various issues directly and indirectly affecting the industry. SAG is in the process to be a member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), TEXPROCIL, CII etc. These organisations act as lobbying bodies.

SAG believes industrial Relations between labour and management are not economic competitor nor are they social rivals, nor can they afford to be ideological enemies. The fact is that they are teammates - partners in production-working together on the same job that is vital to each.

SAG promotes organizing socio-cultural activities as local level events in each Unit of the association.

​SAG thinks beyond business thinking how to be part and play pivot in Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Welfares, Job Employment, Rural Employment Especially Women Employment and Women Empowerment.